Arabic Department conducted Student Thesis Examination during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The West Asian Literature Department, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, held an online and offline thesis trial on Monday, August 10, 2020. Nine students of the Arabic Department attended this session:
on behalf of Maolana Saputra, Muthiah Dzakiah Muslim, Muh. Asrul Baharuddin, Rima Reynita, Yamlik, and Nirwan Anwar.

The thesis examination session was opened directly by the Head of the West Asian Literature Department of the Arabic Literature Study Program Haeruddin, S.S., M.A
The thesis examination is the culmination of an undergraduate student’s final struggle to achieve a degree after undergoing the lecture process for several years. In this thesis examination, students face a trial process in front of a board of examiners and supervisors to defend their scientific work due to the research done.

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