Ruang Kelas 219

The Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Hasanuddin University, applies a policy regarding the utilization of classrooms. Every study program has the responsibility to manage and maintain those classrooms. ArSP manages classrooms number 218 and 219. The University can renovate these classrooms upon ArSP’s proposal.

In 2005-2007, room 219 was used as the ArSP multimedia laboratory. At the end of 2007, ArSP won a national grant for the procurement of educational laboratories. Finally, room 219 functioned as a classroom while room 201 was used as a laboratory for the development of educational technology.

Over time, these classrooms were renovated as needed. Before 2010, classrooms 218 and 219 can be seen at this link. Furthermore, the current classroom conditions can be seen in the following pictures.

Old Room 219 (2005-2007)