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Correspondence Management for Arabic Literature Study Program is one application to overcome a very crucial problem that is often experienced so far in the Arabic Literature Department, especially for the head of the secretariat who often experiences changes. Many letter files that must be made require an application that can facilitate the arrangement of stacked letter documents, especially in the Arabic Literature Department. Instructions that had to be executed immediately had to be withdrawn because the letter was not finished immediately. The difficulty of finding the required letter documents is also in difficult situations. The growing use of paper also makes financial institutions feel lazy.

Problems like this are quite often experienced by large institutions. The system applied is not able to create organizational growth. Digitization is also not an easy thing. Infrastructure to the professionals needed to keep the system operating properly. The correspondence application is already available. However, the unique characteristics of the institution also require applications that can be customized.

A paperless office was created to help eliminate the problems above. This application increases the effectiveness and efficiency of correspondence within the institution. Mail management to disposition also become more effective. The high cost of using paper can also be emphasized. One of the paperless office applications that are quite effective in dealing with problems like this is Mail Management.