Laboratorium 1

Just to note that the lab for learning media was built in room 219 in 2005. This lab functioned for about three years and then the lab was moved to room 201 in the end of 2007. The history of the lab can be seen in the memorable photos of room 219. Lab 201 has initially been a meeting room as can be seen in these memorable photos.

The Arabic study program (ArSP) won the national grant from Indonesia’s education and culture to build a laboratory of educational technology in 2007. Even though ArSP manages this laboratory, this lab can be used by other units or study programs within Unhas. In this lab, Arabic learning technology was developed. Various open-source learning technologies are used to support Arabic learning media.

This laboratory is also used in practicum subjects such as (1) Arabic lexicography; (2) teaching Arabic as a second language; (3) Arabic-Indonesian Translation; (4) Research on Arabic Language Learning Methods, (5) Statistics, etc. Other study programs can use this laboratory to practice using the Unhas learning management system. Among the study programs practiced in this laboratory are geological engineering, pharmacy, nursing, archeology, etc.